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Discover the breathtaking natural wonders of Sri Lanka with our immersive nature tour. From rainforests to wildlife safaris, explore it all! Customize your experience based on your interests and tour duration.

$1700 / per person
13 Days

The leopard is the most secretive and elusive of the large carnivores, and also the shrewdest. Pound for pound, it is the strongest climber of the larger cats and is capable of killing prey far larger than itself. Today, leopards live in 26 range countries...

$1400 / per person
12 Days

Kingfishers are distributed worldwide except in the Polar Regions, high altitudes, and remote islands. They are concentrated in Southeast Asia, New Guinea and tropical Africa. There are 90 species of kingfishers in the world. They belong to the family Alcedinidae which is divided into three...

$1500 / per person
12 Days