Sri Lanka is a land of spices

Sri Lanka is a land of spices laden with rich , distinct flavors. The micro climates and soil types make this a spice growers dream garden. Sri Lankan cuisine is unique to the island and laden in a master blend of spice infused rice and curries which is a staple diet .

Ceylon cinnamon is the Real Cinnamon as opposed to Cassia Cinnamon and has a sweet, fresh taste that is irreplaceable when preparing local dishes. Sri Lanka is the number one producer and exporter of cinnamon in the world. Cloves, nutmeg and mace thrive in the tropical climate and are added not only to curries but also to cakes and other local sweets.

Turmeric which gives dishes a wonderful golden color has many healing properties as well. And of course the piece de resisitance….chillies!!! No Sri Lankan meal can make its  way to the table without a good smothering of red chilli powder.

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